This is not a suit, it’s Latitude

Our vision of sustainability

Before ending up in your wardrobe, all garments pass through many pairs of hands that all play a part in it’s production. In Latitude we want the end result of our pieces to be the best, and for this we know we have to pay attention, especially to two things: the personnel behind the scenes and the material we use.

We do fashion, but we do it in a different way. We distance ourselves from the standard production model and defend another way of doing things in which all processes that we carry out have minimum impact and maximum respect; that is how we understand sustainability. That is what determines our way of designing garments implying the demand  of a high standard in the selection of materials –all ecological- and in the ways that we work, always looking to optimize the use of fabrics and achieve minimum waste.

We want our garments to last through the seasons and accompany you for a long time, that’s why we do not design with gadgets that respond to periodic tendencies, instead we work to be impeccable in finishes and craftsmanship, thanks to the care of the skilled and calm hands at work in our production lines.

We believe in an honest product, in essential and familiar lines in which you feel comfortable with yourself. Clothing that doesn’t disguise you, because we believe that every person who wears Latitude is the true protagonist that endows our garments with identity and character.

The concept of “false” unisex permeates us, to generate bridges to close the gap between men’s and women’s clothing. We do it through similar volumes, materials and corresponding colours or repeated details; but at the same time we put special care into all the particularities and differences, adapting to each body, so that our clothing feels truly good.

In materials we look for less usual associations and we choose more natural air-fabrics to enhance clothing that is still formal but with a more relaxed image that empowers the shape while de-stressing the silhouette.

In our garments we look after the interior in the same way as the exterior, because for us what you don’t see is just as important as what you do.

It’s always complex to cope with paradigm shifts, but we are convinced of the need for fashion to reflect and engage in deep introspection. We focus on the people who work behind your clothing and on the need of environmental care which both present and future generations are facing.

That is our philosophy, which permeates everything we do and every decision we make every day.

This, and more, is Latitude.

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